this shit's fucking bizarre”

Frandu Smith


With a stage name adopted from an internet meme, President Long Boi is a life-long Madison, Wisconsin resident. Playing guitar since he was 15, he discovered his love of performance. After many years of busking on State St., performing at open mics & doing several features, albums, & shared projects with Art Paul SchlosserLitl Guillotine, & other Madison artists, President Long Boi realized he needed to work on his own material. He’s currently sequestering himself in his bedroom making his debut album, due out in May 2019, with an accompanying party at the Art In in the works. In the meantime, President Long Boi adds to his ever-expanding mixtape of Lofi Hiphop Beats, hosted on YouTube, the occasional Vaporwave-style experiment hosted on PornHub under the name “LaCroix ’81”, & a steady stream of memes on his Instagram 

President Long Boi combines his early classic rock influences such as Nirvana & Japan rock legends Judy and Mary with the pop styles of Prince, New Order, Grimes & Beck, with absurd & sometimes depressing lyrics akin to They Might Be Giants & Fountains of Wayne. His music has been called “crazy as fuck,” by audiences, & “fucking bizarre” by comedian Frandu Smith  

With a unique stage show in the works, President Long Boi is in the beginning of booking a midwest tour for 2019, scheduled on the heels of his soon-to-be-finished album

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